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Afternoon rates

Sessions between noon and 6pm

* Undine as top and fetish fantasies:
Half an hour (minimum booking)€ 150
Full hour€ 250
Per additional hour€ 200

Outcalls including fetish shopping require a minimum booking duration of two hours.

* Undine as bottom and switch
Full hour (minimum booking)€ 300 - 350
Per additional hour€ 250 - 300

* Undine as bottom (extreme):
Per hour€ 500

My fees for bottom and switch scenarios depend on intensity and possible marks (see FAQ section for details).

Evening rates

Sessions starting from 6pm

Undine as top and fetish fantasies:
Two hours (minimum booking)€ 800
Per additional hour€ 300

* Dinner and Dance - Escort Special
A romantic dinner or cultural event in attractive, intelligent company, flirt and erotic sparkle until we leave together for some privacy. An indulgent evening for all senses, without any pressure of time.

Dinner and Dance (four hours)
€ 1200

* Undine as bottom and switch:
Two hours (minimum booking)€ 1000 - 1200
Per additional hour€ 400 - 500

* Undine as bottom (extreme):
Per hour€ 800

* Miscellaneous
Rest period for extended scenes or overnights, per hour€ 100
Latex clothing for you and/or myself, per session€ 50
Phone service, Skype (voice) or e-mail sessions, per hour€ 200
Skype (webcam): same as studio feesfrom € 150
Used panties, stockings, hose etc.from € 100
Custom Hypnosis-mp3, ca. 30 minutes€ 250
Coaching/consultation, per hour€ 200
Personal preliminary talk without obligationfree

Not all fantasies and possibilities fit into schemes. For scenarios that require special preparations or more than two participants, or if you have any other special wishes and ideas please don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail for a quote.

Please schedule some extra time in addition to the duration of your booking for a preliminary talk, taking a shower and/or possible short waiting periods. I also don't usually play by stop watch - in case you need to leave at a certain time please let me know before we start our scene so I can release you accordingly.

All rates include 19% VAT.
For other important booking information please read Booking, Contact and FAQ as well. - phone +49 1520 4850909 - Legal notice (Impressum) & Privacy Policy