Frequently Asked Questions


I’ve never visited a BDSM professional before. What can I expect?

On arrival at your previously arranged date we’ll first have a preliminary introduction as equals. With no power exchange involved we will talk about your fantasies, expectations and limits, and I will answer any questions you might have. This conversation is free of charge and bears no obligation for you – you are completely free to decide if you want to stay for a session.
In case we agree on playing together I will ask you to pay my fee, then you’ll have the opportunity to take a shower and freshen up (toiletries, towels, hair dryer etc. are provided) before we immerse ourselves into our session.

Afterwards there will be time to relax, and to reflect on our adventure if you wish to do so. Another hot shower might be pleasant as well before we part ways again.

Do I need an appointment ?

Yes, I’ll be able to see you by appointment only, even if you know my address from previous visists. Appointments in the afternoon are sometimes possible on short notice, too. To meet me in the evening we usually need to plan at least a few days in advance.


Can we meet Saturday or Sunday, too?

Sorry, at this point in time I’m only available for dates from Monday to Friday.

What exactly is a “Bizarrlady”?

Like many other sex work job titles there’s no strict definition. A German Bizarrlady enjoys wearing fetish gear and offers vanilla sex services such as oral sex and intercourse. Some Bizarrladies are versed in BDSM practices in addition to that, either as tops or as switches (i.e. enjoying both the top and bottom role).
For dominant Bizarrladies it’s the intimate sexual services that distinguishes them from a “Domina” (Mistress). Switch ladies often call themselves Bizarrladies if they mainly focus on the top role, and “Zofe” (maid) if they bottom most of the time.

The only way to know for sure which lady offers what kinds of services is to carefully read their advertisements, or just ask.



Is prostitution legal in Germany?

Yes. It’s legal to offer and receive sexual services for money as long as both provider and client are consenting adults.

Do you like being addressed as “Mistress”?

“Undine” and plain interpersonal respect are just fine. Within our scene there might apply different rules, but rest assured that I will let you know.

How do you pronounce your name and what does it mean?

Undine is pronounced “Oon-dee-nay”, three syllables, second one stressed. Diminutive of “Unda”, so that’s “Little Wave” in Latin. Undine is the name of a water nymph in a romantic novel by French/German writer Fouqué that influenced Andersen’s “Little Mermaid” and other siren tales.

What’s your favourite role, top or bottom?

I always loved both, even during my first BDSM experiences as a teen. As a professional I started out as a bottom only, but soon expanded my services once I felt more secure doing sex work. At present the majority of my clients are submissives – but tops who share my interests are still more than welcome to play with me, and creative switch secenarios range among my favourite scenes.


Your rates as a bottom or switch reflect different intensities, where is the line?

Most sessions fall into the “bottom and switch” price range. That includes all services I offer as a bottom, including emotionally heavy role play like rape scenarios or resistance/overpowering, and the possibility to leave marks.

Gentle scenes without pain or exertion can sometimes be priced as “fetish fantasies”: playful bondage in comfortable positions and erotic teasing with vibrators, dildos or tongue for instance; or hand spanking and use of soft floggers or crops on the buttocks followed by oral sex and intercourse.

“Extreme” would be severe flagellation with lots of heavy implements that may leave longer lasting marks, until I can take no more – which is quite a lot.

Your rates are quite high.

I feel sincerely honored that some of my clients save up for a long time to spend an hour with me. In the end the financial value of a painting, a concert, a piece of jewellery or a night with a haetera is up to the art lover. If you don’t sincerely believe that our time together is worth its price please refrain from seeing me – neither of us would be able to fully enjoy our encounter.

If you have any further questions please feel free to e-mail me.

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