Undine on top

Undine on top

I know what it feels like … and I know exactly how far I can take you. No matter if you are switch, bottom or slave, I will lead you with competence and creativity.

I am a sensual dominant who enjoys close body contact, heavily sexual play, forceful seduction, body worship, rape play, pleasure slave training and sadism. If you are a non-submissive masochist I will be your guide on an endorphin trip you won’t forget.

Those who can convince me of the sincerity of their more extreme wishes will be positively surprised by my ruthlessness.







Things I love as a Top:

  • all kinds of role play including “dark” and “taboo” themes
  • bondage: quick and efficient immobilisation or celebrating complex japanese rope bondage including suspension; leather straps, straught jacket, hoods, gags, cling wrap bondage etc.
  • hand spanking, whips, crops, canes: sensual or merciless, by a flagellation enthusiast with many years of experience
  • hot wax
  • clamps and weights
  • play piercing
  • electrical play (TENS and Violet Wand)
  • medical examination
  • anal penetration and dilatation: careful fingers, strap on dildos, fisting (including deep fisting up to my elbow or shoulder)
  • tease and denial, again and again …
  • forced chastity including cuckold play
  • face sitting, smothering, forced rimming


  • physical domination, leg scissors, full weight fetish (no athletic wrestling)
  • breath control up to extreme asphyxiation by various methods
  • CBT
  • forced bi contact
  • Hypnosis (real hypnotic trance, not just role play), hypno fetish
  • Ethical findom
  • sensual fetish massage, bondage massage, sensation play
  • sissy training
  • golden showers
  • claws and teeth … biting can be quite erotic.
  • feet: my passion! Meticulously pedicured feet, soft soles, blood red nail polish, toe rings and anklets, → barefoot outdoor walks, nylon stockings, → pantyhose, high heels, sandals, boots, trampling, crushing, kicking, ball busting, footjobs …
  • physical intimacy including mutual oral sex and intercourse

… and much more. I’m interested in reactions, the ways to get you there are secondary – as much fun as it is to have an outstanding repertoire of skills.

Since I keep getting asked let me state very clearly though that I will not administer any drugs or drug-like substances, legal or illegal, before or during my sessions, and that I will refuse to play with clients under the influence. That includes “poppers” and alcohol.

More passions: → BottomFetish and role play

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