Bottoming for you

Bottoming for you

Confident enough to give up control.

Apart from creative role play I also love gentle, erotic scenes. If you are a rope artist, or if you enjoy watching a beautiful woman pose for you just the way you like it, or if you want to ravish a helpless girl until her body is shivering with pleasure – I am the play mate for you.




Things I enjoy as a bottom:

  • All kinds of role play including “dark” and “taboo” themes
  • Bondage and gags
  • Gentle hand spanking and soft floggers
  • Feet tickling and gentle bastinado
  • Medical examination
  • Erotic teasing with dildos and vibrators
  • Small weights attached to my piercing rings
  • Giving and receiving oral sex, vaginal intercourse
  • Somnophilia (“Sleeping Girl Fetish”), timestop and puppet play
  • Erotic hypnosis


Limits: Anal penetration, receiving golden showers or scat, any kind of pain play, cum on face, face slapping, hair pulling, nipple torture, fisting, oral or vaginal penetration without the use of barriers, breaking of skin. I bottom at incalls on my premises only and don’t offer party escort service or hotel sessions.

I am a pleasure slut rather than a submissive. Power exchange within role play scenarios can be really hot – boss and secretary, headmaster and schoolgirl, “Story of O” etc. If you’re taking yourself very seriously as an old school dominant you’ll probably be happier with a different provider though.

A preliminary talk as equals is mandatory.

If you are a novice top or unsure what you’d like to do please let me know before we start our scene. I’m happy to teach you the basics of any BDSM practice you are curious about. Or you can watch me play with my personal maid and I’ll guide you and ease you into joining in.

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