Fetish and Role Play

Fetish and Role Play

You love to see an attractive lady wearing PVC, leather, rubber, silk, satin, nylon stockings, piercing jewellery, thigh high boots, or a corset so tighly laced that it takes even your breath away? You want to adore her, touch her, and maybe dare to wear similar things yourself? You dream of kissing my leather gloved hands or fantasize about getting a glove massage?

You want passionate sex with a shameless seductress in revealing lingerie, a tight garter belt and dangerously high heels?

You might be a voyeur enjoying the snake like hip undulations of a professionally trained dancer performing a skilfull strip tease, or a lap dance lover who is tired of having to keep his hands to himself …

You are way too creative to be content with convention, and you’re looking for an intelligent partner who is insatiable about making your wildest dreams come true?

Don’t let me wait.


My personal fetishes include leather, anything regarding feet, nylon stockings, high heels and boots; leather gloves, corsets, and elegant, ultra feminine dress.

But way beyond my own obsessions I love meeting fellow fetishists. In an extensive conversation I want to know all about your passion. Inspire me with your enthusiasm, and then let’s immerse into your world together. Let us indulge in watching, smelling, tasting, feeling that marvellous sensation on my skin, on your skin …

And who knows, if you light my fire thoroughly enough we might share a new passion we both can’t live without anymore.


Role play

Do you like classics such as school discipline, office scenarios, a thief caught red-handed, or punishing an inattentive maid? Do you dream of embarrasing job interviews, police questioning or court trials, being seduced by a private tutor or a nympho nurse? Are you a sultan testing a new pleasure slave, or a victim being tasted by a dangerously sensual vampire lady?

Erotic role play challenges my creativity and stimulates my play instinct. Selecting costumes and props are a pleasure in itself and get me into the mood for our scene.

I don’t believe in censoring the mind – thus I love hearing about unusual fantasies and “touchy” subjects, too, as long as all participating actors are consenting adults. I enjoy improvising on a theme, as well as following your script to the letter if I can identify with the role assigned to me.

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