Ready for a new experience?

I personally vouch for the integrity of the ladies listed below. Some of them have an erotic taste similar to mine, some enjoy a totally different style of play – and each of them is marvellous in her own way! We have already worked together or we’re close friends, more often than not both is the case.

When we happen to be in the same city we love arranging duo role play and fetish sessions, erotic threesomes or orgies (with or without male talent for group sex, including cuckold scenarios or forced bi), public exposure, girl gang scenes, fetish film productions, hotel parties, trips to porn movie theaters, saunas or swingers clubs, and much more. We make your wildest dreams come true! Send me an e-mail with your ideas and I’ll take care of contacting suitable independent ladies and libertines within my sizable network.


Undine’s personal maid

Crazy Sexy Couple

Johanna Weber

Kristina Marlen

Madame Simone

Madame Mabelle

Kinky Luna

Salomé Balthus

Dominus Berlin

Dennis Deep

Berufsverband erotische und sexuelle Dienstleistungen (BesD) e.V. - Ich bin Mitglied!

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