Let’s Chat

Fancy texting?

Nice to meet you! Here’s how:

  1. You contact me via Telegram-Messenger or Social Media DM and ask if I’m available to chat. I prefer to arrange more intense real time chat sessions in advance, but sometimes we can start immediately, too.
  2. After that you visit my shop and book the desired time or number of messages. For a real time chat you need to book within ten minutes following my reply and pay by credit card. (Alternatively you can copy an Amazon.de gift code right into the chat.)
  3. As soon as I received your payment we can chat away!

Throughout the duration of a real time chat you have my undivided attention. Be present!

Alternatively we can text over the course of the day (via Telegram oder e-mail only). In that case you prebook a certain number of messages (“Nachrichtenpaket”) and I’ll reply whenever it suits me. If you prefer a faster pace I recommend choosing a real time chat (“Echtzeit-Chat”) instead.

The Rules

  • Please don’t contact me repeatedly without booking.
  • Yes, I’d definitely like to know all the dirty details – as soon as your booking is completed.
  • The same applies to receiving imagery of your genitals. I’m a voyeur and love to watch and comment (or humiliate) – as long as you honor my time and attention.
  • No, we don’t have to talk through your fetishes and fantasies “real quick” beforehand to make sure I won’t be offended. I won’t discuss any illegal topics with you. Apart from that rest assured that I’ve already heard it all, seen most of it, and have taken part in a whole lot myself. I love exploring the diversity of human desire!
  • In case you find yourself blocked from contacting me because you have disregarded the rules, you can ask for a second chance by paying my unblocking fee.

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