„Bound and ravished“ by J.

Let me just preface, that I am a lucky woman, who has been a regular client with Undine for a while now. I have obviously had many amazing sessions with her, but after last time, I feel the need to give something of a more „official“ feedback. Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my first language.

Too long didn’t read: Ladies, if you are thinking about, but are still hesitant to hire a sexworker, you don`t need to be – sexual fulfillment for the win! 😛

Disclaimer: The following scenario has been a fantasy of mine for years. I always thought, I would never me able to experience that for real. Undine proved me wrong and I am more than thankful :-).

Anyway, this is probably location-wise something other readers of Undines Blog may be more knowledgable with, but for me it was a total first time: Undine took me to a gay sauna claub in the middle of St. Georg. This sauna has a mixed day every thursday, but there were (as she well knew) extremely few women present. It was a nicely kept place, but the whole atmosphere felt extremely sleazy and strange and dirty – at least to me :-D. 

I can’t remember the last time I felt so selfconcious – wearing black eyeglasses despite the darkness inside. And pressing close to Undine like a child, avoiding any eyecontact at all cost with the curious-looking men in the entryarea.

Any boundaries, or, well, rules of conduct, as I know them from swinger clubs and kinky sex parties, seemed to be basically nonexistant. We stepped out of our cabin into the club – her leading me on a leash, me stumbling blindly after her. My head was under a leather hood, there was a penis gag on my mouth inside the mask and a (removable) part over the eyes, there were cuffs on my hands and legs and my hands were locked behind my back.

Almost immediately I had strangers hands on my breasts and ass, as we made our way very slowly across the venue – me not seeing anything, but feeling the air get hotter. Sensing and feeling people getting closer. It might be safe to say, I smelled guys and a lot of testosterone in the air.

We reached our final destination, which was a sling in a narrow corner. When Undine removed the cover over my eyes, there was barely a change in what I could see. It was really dark and dank and there was a crowd of at least 10-15 men, some naked, some half-naked,  standing in a close circle around us.

Undine had to put her foot down several times and state very loudly, what was going to happen and what not. She sternly demanded not to be touched herself and laid down the law about how this group of men were allowed to use my holes. 

It was honestly the worst I´ve ever seen men (or anyone) behave in a sexual context, but then that was what Undine wanted, expected and what I completely trusted her to be able to handle. Spoiler Alert: She did great! I was extremely grateful for the mask to hide under and the mask protecting my face and mouth. Proclaiming loudly, that this was only a pussy-fuck-event, Undine had out a pretty decent plug up my ass – another thing I never knew I´d ever be extremely grateful for!

I was practically shoved on the sling by Undine, who now invited everyone to fuck me and use my hands (now untied) however they wanted. Which is kinda what happened. 😉 

It was very strange and wild and extremely scary… to have around 8 guys around you at all times, if someone left, he was immediately replaced by someone else… I stared up at those men, who only saw one hole on a hot body and only a black hood for a face. Total objectification… I felt more like a doll than a person at the time. 

Penetration was getting me sore, but much worse were the grabbing and the little bites, men licking all over me… so disgusting, without any restraint. I kept my focus on Undine to get through… and she was there the whole time. Checking condoms, checking behaviour, checking me. Whispering in my ear, what a good girl I was, how I was doing so good as a fucktoy, making her proud. This was exactly the encouragement I needed and wanted so much.

After about one and a half hours, me already very sore and high on adrenaline, she cheerfully announced, that everyone was welcome to come all over my breast and belly About 12 guys did…

I was dripping and gooey all over – except for my crotch, which Undine protected like Superwoman the whole time. She announced a „break“ and we left to go back to her apartment-studio. I had to leave the buttplug in the whole way and she had me put on my clothes over my dirty and crusty and smelly skin, as I was of course no allowed to shower…  I was mortified, anyone would notice the smell and stains of sperm on me…

The whole thought of this session still makes me dripping wet, each time I think of it, and I´m looking forwards to more naughty adventures :-). Thank you so much!

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  1. Wow,

    what an experience!

    Congratulations to you, J, and to Undine.

  2. Thank you for sharing this experience! It brings back memories – yes, at least one other reader of Undine’s blog is familiar with that location and what Undine is capable of doing there 😉
    I’m impressed that you lasted 1½ hours, and maybe even a bit envious. And that degrading finish has been re-playing in my mind for a few days already…

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