„Erotic Dominance“ by P.

I am fortunate to have a wonderful Mistress at home, but she does not include any form of intercourse in our otherwise amazing SM lifestyle.

So after years of searching, it was with great hope I drove down from the North of Denmark to Hamburg, to meet Undine de Rivière.

The second I set eyes on Undine, Her delightful form dressed in a summer dress with tasteful high heels I felt I was in the presence of a Lady. Over lunch we talked about my wishes, but I also got to hear of Her obvious passion for Her profession. She is an intelligent person with smiling eyes and a lovely personality.

I put the car in long term parking, and quickly followed to Her apartment. She welcomed me inside, then showed me to the stylish bathroom, where I was told to strip, take a most welcome shower, than adopt the “appropriate position” after which She would come to fetch me. It was a hot day, so I was quite warm and nervous as I knelt facing the door, my eyes to the floor.

As the door opened, I could see Her beautiful feet in those burgundy shoes. But after just a few kisses, I was given my slave collar, hand and foot cuffs on and blindfolded for the duration of the session. Lead helplessly, but willingly to an unknown room to begin my worship.

Undine began by manipulating my face softly, gently instructing me to react to Her every movement in a soft voice, so close to me that I could feel Her breath on me. After a while, Her hands crept down to my nipples, and She soon found one of my great passions, squeezing and pulling before applying Her clamps firmly to my breasts.

She toyed with me for a while, sometimes my already stiff penis before I was permitted to serve her gorgeous feet. This is one of my passions, and I take pride in pleasing my Lady. However Undine was quite explicit in how she required Her feet massaged, licked and kissed, slowly, thoroughly… She made me feel as though She enjoyed the experience almost as much as I did, supplementing the luxury of licking her toes with inflicting pain on my nipples.

After some time, I was told to lie on a bench, firmly strapped down and positioned. Undine instructed me to now wait patiently, and set ear muffs on me, thus reducing another of my senses. Only the distant beat of music in the background, I waited for what seemed an age.

Finally I could feel a slight touch to my body, and a few drops of water in my mouth. Then Undine smothered me firmly under her feet, before changing to sitting over my face with the intention of me rimming her. I tried hard as she pushed hard down on me, cutting off my air I suffer from claustrophobia, so I was soon panicking, struggling to be free… finally allowed to breathe for a while before She repeated the exercise…I really need more training here.

Next She moved down to my throbbing penis, and after applying a condom gently took me inside Her, riding me such as I have never experienced, taking me quickly to a fantastic climax, the first I have had this way for many years.

After gently cleaning me, I was informed that as I obviously needed oxygen rather than serving Her, I was to accept six strokes of her cane one my thighs… released from my bonds, but still blindfolded, I gladly took each stinging stroke, thanking Mistress before being lead back to the bathroom for another shower.

Undine returned, in Her beautiful black lace bodice, and I was praised and hugged. I left happy and contented. Looking forward to meeting Undine again. Thank you Undine, Mistress, for an unforgettable experience, you have a faithful new servant.

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  1. Such a beautiful, intimate liason. I look forward to our next meeting.
    Yours P

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